Plantation shutters have become the premium internal solution suiting a vast majority of homes.

A louvred panel is hinged inside a frame which is then mounted to the internal or external of your windows. We use a frame system as to square up the shutters and hide any discrepancies within your windows. We offer a large variety of colours and finishes to suit your budget as well as your design needs!

At present the shutter market has become quite diluted with hundreds of companies offering materials from painted MDF to cedar to PVC to aluminium and it can be quite confusing having so many options. We can supply any type of shutter here at Penrith Blinds but what we have selected to use has been based on over 35 years worth of experience in the industry, extensive product research and testing as well as our customers best interests in mind! We strongly suggest and recommend the best products on the market RIGHT NOW, products that have progressed in design, strength and insulation properties. A product that’s designed to last so that our clients get the most out of the product and EXACTLY what they pay for! We won’t elaborate too much further here but if you’d like the right advice and a free on site measure and quote feel free to give us a call and book yours today!


Our Locally sourced Aluminium shutters are perfect for energetic families, clients looking for something a little sturdier and also looking to buy local. Our Aluminium Plantation Shutters offer both sustainable living and peace of mind. Save on cooling costs with less glare and sunlight reaching your windows. Our double lock system makes Aluminium Shutters a more attractive alternative to security screens, grilles or bars. Leave the window open as you sleep, safe in the knowledge your home and family are protected. Banish mildew or water damage with our above-standard powdercoated finish. A soft matte paint finish is applied to soften the look of the shutters and absorb light giving the look of a standard plantation shutter with the durability of aluminium. We can offer several price point options all with different turn around times, premium can be manufactured and ready in 3-4 weeks from newcastle, NSW!


Our Fusion PLUS Polymer shutters are exclusively manufactured using the highest-grade, fully waterproof and reinforced polymer extrusions, making them not only aesthetically attractive and reliably durable, and absolutely ready for all wet climates too! Modelled on heavy construction and civil engineering “universal” beams, our incredibly strong H-shaped aluminium insert provides increased strength and long lasting performance in all our shutter louvres. In addition, all of our Fusion PLUS panels are fabricated with solidly constructed mortise and tenon joints reinforced with the highest strength industrial adhesive then sealed with stainless-steel, weather-resistant screws to insure a lifetime of longevity that won’t crack, sag, warp or split over time.